I wish I was able to get on here more, but the kids keep me super busy, I was really hoping this could be a more helpful guide to people thinking of converting or those going through it since there wasn’t much when I started. Maybe one day I’ll get there! If you stumble across this blog at some point and have questions, don’t hesitate to ask! I also recommend following the Coffee Shop Rabbi, she’s super great and you’ll learn a lot!

The husband has guaranteed he will get off in time to make it to Shabbat at least once a month, so I’m very excited about that. Hanukkah gifts are already wrapped and ready to go for the most part. I figure I’d better get that done because I’ll be busy with Ozzie recovering from his surgery next month 😦 I am starting to become a hot mess about it, and I feel bad because it’s making things that should be fun, like thanksgiving, really sad for me. I just hope ok doing a good job at not letting that show. Please keep my little guy in your prayers! It would be much appreciated.





Getting ready for the new year


Lots of Rosh Hashanah crafting going on today! 🙂 I’m especially excited for services this year because an hour before the adult service is one especially for the 5 and under set. The kids will love it!

Also my littlest human, Ozzie, will have to go under anesthesia for a CT scan to look at a lung issue tomorrow. Any prayers or positive thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

10 Ways to Enhance Your Jewish Home

Coffee Shop Rabbi

Shabbat on a card table. Shabbat on a card table.

I’ve written before about the ways in which the Jewish home is a mikdash me’at, a little sanctuary. Taking care of your home is an important part of Jewish living, whether you live in a tiny studio apartment or a mansion. Here are some simple ways you can make your home more of a sanctuary, a safe, calm place in the world. Choose one or two and see what happens after a month or two:

1. Make your home as safe as possible. Did you know that this is an actual mitzvah? Deuteronomy 22:8 says that when you build a new house, put a railing around the roof, so no one will fall off. The rabbis extended that mitzvah to include fixing all things that are unsafe around your home. Get rid of frayed electrical cords and things that can trip someone. Change that light bulb: it’s a…

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Ozzie is here! He arrived Friday the 13th. We are all doing well, 2 toddlers and a baby are quite the adjustment. He had his bris 8 days following his birth. It was a bit traumatic for me to be honest, I cried… A lot. I think it was mostly the hormones and medications making it so hard than the actual bris. Temple also plants a tree in Israel for every baby, I thought that was pretty awesome. I think I’ll get Thad and Marnie a tree on the 1 year anniversary of their conversion.

A few weeks ago I officially joined Temple. They sent this lovely welcome basket


It’s been almost a month since I have been to Shabbat at temple and I’m really missing it. Unfortunately they don’t usually do childcare during summer services since it’s a slower time at temple, and toddlers sitting through a service is a no go, so I most likely won’t be able to go for a while 😦 updates will probably be sparse here too, I’m hoping to be outside with the kiddos a ton this summer. That is if it ever stops raining here.

Learn About Judaism Online

Coffee Shop Rabbi

I said in an earlier post that I was going to share some online study resources.  Here are some favorites (not an exhaustive list). I have included only free sites, although several of them accept donations. If you use one of them a lot, consider contributing to them.

Hebcal.com – This is an online Jewish calendar, easy to use and easy to personalize. If I could have access to only one Jewish website, this would be it. It will tell you what day it is today and what Torah readings are assigned to the day (both for Israel and for the Diaspora, which sometimes differ.) You can go there and use the “date converter” to find out what day in the Hebrew calendar you were born. It will give you links from each weekly Torah reading to the reading itself, to an online tikkun (reading with and without vowel markings)…

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