Happy Purim!



Making more masks and eating hamentashen



We painted masks and made superhero capes for Purim and the kids got to wear them to Temple’s Purim carnival. They had such a blast! My mom is helping us celebrate by making some hamantaschen cookies and we will be having hamantaschen shaped pizzas for dinner.



Time to start Passover prep! I’m really nervous for my first Passover. If anyone has any favorite recipes that are kosher for Passover, feel free to send them my way!

I I’ve decided we will be keeping a kosher style house (not a full on kosher kitchen… Baby steps) once I convert in May. The only issue I’m having is whether or not the kids and I also keep kosher style when we are eating out or at other people’s houses.

Into to Judaism class is all done 😦 we will have a make up class as some point in the future, but I miss it already. Only a couple more months of meeting every few weeks with Rabbi Brown too 😦


Preparing for Passover, Early Edition

Coffee Shop Rabbi

Are you already worrying about Passover? You and many other Jewish homemakers!

While it is traditional to begin Passover prep right after Purim, in truth it can take a bit longer, especially for those who work both outside and inside our homes.  After Purim, I’ll publish some new posts about Passover, but until then, these older posts may answer your questions and provide support:

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Hungry for Passover?

That should give you plenty to chew on for now. Don’t forget to enjoy Purim!

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