Not Our Holiday

I was originally nervous for this night, my first Christmas Eve I wouldn’t be setting up stockings and putting gifts from Santa under a tree. I thought I might feel some sadness or emptiness abstaining from any Christmas celebrating in our home. No tree, no red or green decorations, no Christmas cookies. I am pleasantly and surprisingly shocked to say I don’t have one bad feeling about it at all! I feel very relieved and peaceful about it actually. No big tree to take down, not a zillion gifts to wrap, no Santa pressure, no fancy Christmas meals to make, or cookies to set out. I just gathered up a small amount of gifts to take to the grandparents homes tomorrow and now I get to relax in bed. It’s wonderful! We still get to enjoy spending time with our family and help them celebrate their holiday and then come home, take a nap, play some board games, and go out for Chinese.

I am so grateful for all this year has blessed me with and so excited for a new year! I will officially be a Jew in the beginning of May, along with my children being converted then too. Then come June we will be welcoming our 3rd baby! So many great things are happening and I feel Judaism really helps me see every blessing in a whole new light, everything is just a bit brighter now. Shalom and Happy New Year!


Shave for the Brave: My Pledge

Coffee Shop Rabbi

When someone dies, we say, “May his (or her) memory be for a blessing.” Sometimes we mean that we hope that the family and friends will be comforted by good memories, that the person will be long remembered, and so on. But it can mean a lot more than that.

“May his memory be for a blessing” can mean “May he leave a legacy of blessing.” In Jewish terms, that might be the very best thing that you can wish for a person, that long after they are gone, the goodness of their lives will go on doing good in the world.

A little boy died this past Saturday morning. He was only 8. He had a short life, and there were many things he never got to do. The unfairness and the sadness of it is heartbreaking. Sammy Sommers‘ life was cut short by leukemia and he will…

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