Happy Hanukkah!

Hope you all have a lovely Hanukkah and for those in the US, a great Thanksgiving too!

I’d also like to express my gratitude for the people who have helped make my 1st thanksgiving extra special!

Some gifts from my family and friends. It really means a lot that you guys cared enough to think about me and help me celebrate.

Decorated cookies with the kids

1st night



Rabbi Brown let me pick out a menorah as a gift from Temple Israel! I’m so excited!


Intro to Judaism class is still going awesome and I’m starting to learn more about some classmates, which is nice. I’m really hoping to make some Jewish/ Future Jew friends soon.
There is a Hanukkah dinner the day after Thanksgiving which I’m hoping to convince Kyle to go to and hoping we can get a sitter for. I really wish I could get more involved in synagogue stuff, but it’s hard with a lack of babysitters :/
Kyle and I went to a Pew study panel with the rabbis in town a couple weeks ago. It was very interesting and I’m really glad we went. Very interesting to see the different views and ideas from the different denominations.