Introduction to Judaism

Today was my first Intro to Judaism course at the Jewish Community Center. It was awesome! I really wish it was longer than just an hour once a week. I’m kind of surprised to be the only convert in the class. This class we discussed what it means to be a Jew. Basically there are many things that’s make up Jewishness but we went over 5 main ones. Culture, people, family, religion, and history. Jews can’t be defined by just one or two of those descriptions, it’s often a mix of at least a few of them. Such a great class! Can’t wait for next week!

8 thoughts on “Introduction to Judaism

  1. I’m starting mine on the 21st, pretty excited.
    Hope ya get to go to Israel one day, they’ll treat you better than they treated me lol

  2. Hope you don’t get harassed like I did, I deleted my other blog (kept the photography one) for that reason, gets annoying email bombed by Orthodox *sign*

    • I’ve actually got some very arrogant and rude comments from a couple Orthodox people too, guess it’s the price we pay for not choosing to convert to the only “true” form of Judaism *eye roll*

      • Chabad Rabbi was at least nice about it, the others I got, not so much. It’s like Christianity all over again, I’m over it…

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