I attended my first Shabbat Friday at Temple Israel. It was wonderful! My husband was able to come with and we kept getting lost trying to follow the prayers and where we were in the service, but even so, it’s was such a good feeling to be there. I’m excited to get the chance to go again this Friday too. This time I hope to be able to stay a bit afterwards and meet some people.

Kyle also came with me to my most recent meeting with Rabbi Brown. We went over the Prayer Book and an overview of the Shabbat service to help prepare us. My next meeting is in 4 weeks.

This evening ended another new holiday for me, Tisha B’Av. It mainly commemorates the destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem and exile of Jews from Israel. It is traditionally a fasting holiday and a mourning holiday. However, many Reform Jews don’t fast on this holiday.

I know it’s been a while since I have updated, summer gets pretty busy for me apparently. I haven’t even had a chance to make challah in a couple weeks, which bummed me out a bit. I went through my Christmas and Easter decorations and gave them away. I found it odd that out of the two holidays I got a bit emotional over Easter. I guess I feel a bit guilty that my children will miss out on the fun of the Easter bunny. I also haven’t had much of a chance to read the last book I bought, Choosing a Jewish Life, hopefully I can get back to it soon.