New Book

I doubt the kids will let me get very far, but I’m starting this book today.



The Second Meeting

Today was my second meeting with Rabbi Brown at Temple Israel. Kyle was able to come meet the Rabbi and we spent almost an hour an half discussing different aspects of Judaism, my conversion, how this could effect out lives, and what to kind of expect along our journey. Kyle wasn’t really raised around religion so this is all very new to him and considers himself to be agnostic. I think we both took a lot of positive feelings and knowledge away from the meeting today.

Rabbi Brown said that a big portion of his congregation don’t know if they believe there is a G-d. Jews embrace questioning and faith isn’t near the top of the priority list, and also 1/3 of his congregation at services are non-Jews. I think learning that information will help us be more at ease as an interfaith couple when attending services and just being in the Jewish community.

I knew Kyle would be supportive in my conversion process and helping me raise our children in a Jewish family, but after today I see he plans on taking a bigger role than I anticipated, and I could not be more excited! I thought I’d be more alone in my process and it’s comforting to know that he has a bigger interest in something I am very passionate and excited about. Right when we got home he started researching some books and we purchased a couple today. He also said he wouldn’t mind coming to meetings with the Rabbi every now and then with me, which I also wasn’t expecting.

We also officially decided we will not have a Christmas tree at Christmas time and their will be no gift from Santa for our children. Originally I was planning on putting up a “Chanukah tree” and giving the kids each one gift from Santa. Our kids are young enough that they will just grow up knowing that those practices are in Christian homes, and as a Jewish family with a Jewish home, we just don’t have those things.We still plan on Christmas Day being  spent with both sets of the kids grandparents and we will still exchanging gifts. I think it will be a bit hard for me to let it go, especially because I love the festive feeling of Christmas decor, but I’ll just have to have some fun with snowflakes and snowmen instead! 🙂