Meeting with the Rabbi

It went very well! He was so nice and seems like such a great guy, which I suppose is what you would expect from a clergy person, but he was even more awesome than I anticipated.

He asked me about my family, schooling, kids, why I wanted to convert, why I chose Reform Judaism, my expectations, and other questions along those lines. The process will take about a year and he will meet with me about every 3 weeks for 45 minutes.

My home work before the next meeting is to talk to Kyle (the husband) more about my conversion. Rabbi Brown asked if I could get Kyle to come to the next meeting to talk about Kyle’s expectations of my conversion, support, and the future of our Jewish family. Judaism is a very family centered religion and there are many questions Kyle and I haven’t thought to talk about, especially since he is Agnostic and doesn’t know much about Judaism.

I am so excited for the next meeting with Rabbi Brown and to get ready to celebrate Shavuot!



Earlier today when I left to meet Rabbi Brown at Temple Israel


2 thoughts on “Meeting with the Rabbi

  1. I am glad your meeting with the rabbi when well. I was always very impressed with the rabbi’s kindness and insight during discussions when I would attend shul on occasion. As you said, it makes sense that a rabbi would have these qualities–but it is still also kind of remarkable to witness.

    Good luck with your process and with the family aspects of your conversion. As a Gentile who has a great interest in and love for Judaism for some unknown reason, I am enjoying following your journey.

    Kate @ BJJ, Law, and Living

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