My To Jew List

My goals for the next couple weeks:

  1. Buy Shabbat Supplies
    (I will start small just candles and a candle holder)
  2. Learn the three Shabbat blessings
    (candle, wine, and challah)
  3. Bake my first Challah bread
  4. Celebrate my first Shabbat
  5. Contact a Rabbi to formerly discuss my conversion
  6. Attend a service at a Synagogue
  7. Look into getting a mezuzah
  8. Look up a few Jewish prayers

I’m really excited to celebrate my first Shabbat! There are other supplies traditionally used, like a Kiddush cup, challah cover, and a challah board/tray, but for budgetary reasons, I will be holding off for now. Plus, its good to ease my way into it too, I suppose.

I’m nervous for 4 and 5, understandably so I believe. Not that I think clergy are scary, but this is hopefully going to be the Rabbi to teach me and help me convert. What if he doesn’t like me or doesn’t think I’m serious? I have never stepped foot into a synagogue and I don’t know Hebrew and I don’t know any Jews to tag along with. I’m a very shy person and can be socially awkward at times. I really don’t want to stand out like a sore thumb. Eeeek!

I really cannot wait to get a Mezuzah. I’m not sure if that’s in the budget right now or how to get the parchment that goes inside. So this step may have to wait.

The “Choosing Judaism” book I read yesterday recommended knowing the Shehecheyanu Prayer to have on hand during special moments or when you accomplish something. Since I feel I will have a lot of personal and spiritual victories coming up for myself, I think I’ll start with this prayer.

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