Choosing Judaism by Lydia Kukoff

Just finished the book “Choosing Judaism” by Lydia Kukoff. It was recommended by a woman I emailed who works at a local synagogue. It was good book and a quick read. I would recommend it to be one of the first, if not the first book, a convert to Judaism should read. Not very in depth, but enough to wet your whistle. If you are looking for something with more information I would recommend “Converting to Judaism: A Guidebook” by Lawrence J. Epstein. I plan on re-reading that book and taking notes this time around, but first I plan to read the other book that I received in the mail today, “The Jewish Home: A Guide for Jewish Living”.

What I think I found most helpful about “Choosing Judaism” was the stories and advice on how to deal with Christian holiday celebrations with family, the book recommendations, and I really enjoyed some of the quotes.

She basically said you don’t have to give up that important family time during Christain holidays, but to remember, you are helping them celebrate THEIR holiday, not YOUR holiday. Also, when you are comfortable, it is good to invite them to celebrate your holidays too. Dealing with holidays was a main concern of mine, and this helped to put me at ease.

I’d also like to share some of my favorite quotes from the book.

“Whether we are born Jewish or have converted to Judaism, we are all Jews-by-Choice”

“I had always felt certain things, but never knew what to call myself. Now I have a name. I am a Jew.”

“Your children will be your teachers. There is nothing that can help you understand and clarify your beliefs more than trying to explain them to your children” – this one is special to me because my children are the
catalyst that sparked my conversion



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