Where I am in my jouney

As of right now, I am not very far. Converting to Judaism is a long process, compared to converting to most other religions. Understandably so, in my opinion. I have spent many evenings as my husband and children are in bed researching how to convert. For those unfamiliar with the process, here is what my conversion plan looks like, as of now:

These are not in a real specific order

  • Research Judaism and conversion (DONE)
  • Decide to convert (DONE)
  • Do some research (DONE)
  • Read and study recommended books (← STEP I AM CURRENTLY ON)
  • Contact a Rabbi
  • Attend Synagogue
  • Take an into to Judaism course
  • Take a Hebrew class
  • Learn with a Rabbi
  • Learn to celebrate holidays
  • Get involved in the Jewish community
  • Find some Jewish friends
  • Go before a Bit Din, or Jewish court
  • Immersion or ceremony

I have read one book on conversion to Judaism, and another book on Judaism. After another book on conversion (recommended by a woman I contacted at a synagogue in town) my plan is to contact a Rabbi. Some websites recommend to contact a clergy from the get go, others said to put some of your own studying in first, so they know they can take you seriously. I decided to go with the latter. I was also hoping to have a intro to Judaism class under my belt, but that isn’t offered until the fall at my local JCC, and I am too anxious and excited to wait. 🙂 I will be making a post of resources I found too, so those interested in conversion will have all the websites and books I used in one spot.

– Sarah

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