Let the countdown begin!

First off, Happy Passover friends! I attended my first legit Seder at Temple this evening, and it was great! Much better than the thrown together mess I put together for my little family last night, but hey, you have to start somewhere!
Pregnancy cravings and not being able to have chametz or kitniyot is proving difficult and it’s only day 2 ๐Ÿ˜

I have LESS THAN A MONTH left now until I am officially a Jew!! I’m so excited!!
However, I am stressing about the essay I have to write and talk about in front of the Bit Din and even more stressed about trying to not butcher the prayers I will be reciting at the mikvah. I still am terrible at pronouncing most things so this should be terribly awkward. I also never leave the house without makeup on, shallow yes, but it makes me anxious. I also get to take my 2 & 3 year old into the mikvah to convert them. I can’t really see that going to well, especially since Thad is very anti baths. I also have a very irrational fear my water will break in the mikvah or something like that will happen. Crazy I know, but my anxiety is getting the best of me these days.

At least I know at the end of the day, everything will be ok and I will officially be Jewish. I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life to finally say I’m a member of the tribe.

Kosher for Passover

This week my goal is to start deep cleaning and buying some foods for Passover. I really wished I had a spelled out guide on exactly what I should and shouldn’t be doing/eating. One very helpful blog I found on kosher for Passover food is here
I know the basics (no wheat, barley, oats, etc), but pregnancy brain is making things very difficult for me to grasp. Plus, I didn’t even think to look at additives like corn syrup. I don’t know how I’m going to find the time to look over all ingredients before Passover starts ๐Ÿ˜ Things have been pretty hectic and stressful lately, so wish me luck!


We painted masks and made superhero capes for Purim and the kids got to wear them to Temple’s Purim carnival. They had such a blast! My mom is helping us celebrate by making some hamantaschen cookies and we will be having hamantaschen shaped pizzas for dinner.



Time to start Passover prep! I’m really nervous for my first Passover. If anyone has any favorite recipes that are kosher for Passover, feel free to send them my way!

I I’ve decided we will be keeping a kosher style house (not a full on kosher kitchen… Baby steps) once I convert in May. The only issue I’m having is whether or not the kids and I also keep kosher style when we are eating out or at other people’s houses.

Into to Judaism class is all done :( we will have a make up class as some point in the future, but I miss it already. Only a couple more months of meeting every few weeks with Rabbi Brown too :(


Preparing for Passover, Early Edition

Originally posted on Coffee Shop Rabbi:

Are you already worrying about Passover? You and many other Jewish homemakers!

While it is traditional to begin Passover prep right after Purim, in truth it can take a bit longer, especially for those who work both outside and inside our homes. ย After Purim, Iโ€™ll publish some new posts about Passover, but until then, these older posts may answer your questions and provide support:

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Hungry for Passover?

That should give you plenty to chew on for now. Donโ€™t forget to enjoy Purim!

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Not Our Holiday

I was originally nervous for this night, my first Christmas Eve I wouldn’t be setting up stockings and putting gifts from Santa under a tree. I thought I might feel some sadness or emptiness abstaining from any Christmas celebrating in our home. No tree, no red or green decorations, no Christmas cookies. I am pleasantly and surprisingly shocked to say I don’t have one bad feeling about it at all! I feel very relieved and peaceful about it actually. No big tree to take down, not a zillion gifts to wrap, no Santa pressure, no fancy Christmas meals to make, or cookies to set out. I just gathered up a small amount of gifts to take to the grandparents homes tomorrow and now I get to relax in bed. It’s wonderful! We still get to enjoy spending time with our family and help them celebrate their holiday and then come home, take a nap, play some board games, and go out for Chinese.

I am so grateful for all this year has blessed me with and so excited for a new year! I will officially be a Jew in the beginning of May, along with my children being converted then too. Then come June we will be welcoming our 3rd baby! So many great things are happening and I feel Judaism really helps me see every blessing in a whole new light, everything is just a bit brighter now. Shalom and Happy New Year!